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AS, The Inside Story

Featuring: Marc Fleisher with Paul Isaacs, Lindsay Smith, Matthew Bratt (on DVD), Catherine Green, Ben Delo (on DVD), Patrick Mills and James Rawlings as compere


Sat, 9th October 2010, Milton Keynes

This was another afternoon of fascinating and invaluable information from people with Asperger’s syndrome. The main speaker was Marc Fleisher, MPhil, BSc, speaker at National and International Conferences with many TV credits and author of ‘Making Sense of the Unfeasible’ and ‘Survival Strategies for People on the Autism Spectrum’. Following their stunning success in Oxford last September, Autism Oxford also introduced young people with Asperger’s syndrome with a message to impart, speaking for only the second time in public (in order of appearance: James Rawlings (as compere), Paul Isaacs, Lindsay Smith, Matthew Bratt (appearing on video) Catherine Green, Ben Delo (on dvd) and Patrick Mills.

Yet again, this event provided fascinating and insightful information about life with AS. The audience was moved and full of praise:

What our audience said:

“Powerful and emotional with huge impact”

“Lively and attention grabbing”

“Wonderful to hear the positive aspects of AS”

“Very valuable, especially for specialists to have a different perspective and see people as AS individuals”

“Useful for schools to understand the circle of exclusion and the need to be flexible and offer an alternative approach”

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