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Aspergers & Autism ~ Success Stories

Tue, 25th October 2011, Oxford

This event presented two inspirational people on the autistic spectrum with a positive story to tell. Marc Fleisher, MPhil, BSc, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Paul Isaacs, diagnosed with High Functioning Autism described their journey from their childhood into adulthood and how they overcame the great difficulties which they faced at the beginning of their lives.

Both had very difficult starts because of the initial misunderstanding and misdiagnosing of their condition, Marc was misdiagnosed as mentally retarded as a child and Paul with depression and, later, schizotypal personality disorder and other mental illnesses. Their accounts offered great insight into the different ways in which they experience the world and what support they need to be able to succeed.

Marc and Paul’s engaging and humorous presentations of their compelling stories gave parents and professionals not only a much better understanding of autism but they also offered hope and great encouragement to look on the bright side and never give up! It is possible to have autism and success!

What our audience said:

‘Very good examples and explanation of how people on the spectrum may see things from a different view point’
‘Both Marc and Paul engage so well with the audience and are both remarkable and should be very proud of themselves.’

‘Very interesting & encouraging – I like the speakers’ sense of humour.’

‘The Q & A sessions provide a valuable opportunity to gain an insight into other people’s experiences professionally/personally.’

‘Good value for money.’

‘It was liberating and interesting; I will come to more of your events.’

‘Very interesting and made me understand a lot more’

‘Excellent presentations: moving & inspiring!’

‘Very good at giving practical advice but without stereotyping’

‘Points put across brilliantly ‘

‘Inspiring & Awesome!’

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