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Asperkids to Adulthood & The Secret Social Rules every Aspie needs to know

Jennifer O’Toole

Sat, 5th October 2013, Oxford

What our audience said:

“Jennifer was very insightful – excellent perspective enjoyed the positive encouraging message and lots of practical ways of support for people with Asperger’s” Glen Smailes, AS Youth Worker, with Balance CIL

“Jennifer is an amazing, positive woman, who is able to make things easy to understand.  Thank you for making the world brighter again”

“This was informative, inspiring and heart-warming.  In one day, so many issues were covered”

“Real life experiences of Adults on the spectrum is totally invaluable & it really helps professionals to try to get it right”

“All speakers were very inspirational.  Hearing them talking about their own experiences was very moving”

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