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Autism & Asperger’s: The Inside Story

Paul Isaacs & Faye Brown - this evening will tell the stories of children considered to have little chance of success when very young, who rose to the challenges of life on the spectrum – one with Asperger’s, the other with High Functioning Autism

Tue, 9th July 2013, Witney

What our audience said:

“Great venue! Straight forward admin. I look forward to future events”

“Thank you very much to both speakers. An honest, eye opening account into life with Autism”

“Absolutely fantastic insight into Autism and so beautifully presented – Thank you for sharing your experiences”

“A big thank you to Paul and Faye for their bravery in sharing the human side of Autism and Asperger’s. I hope that it will make me a more caring professional – and will help me to focus on strengths and talents as well as understand the day to day effects of anxiety”


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