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Autism Spectrum, Friendships & Relationships

Sarah Hendrickx

Sat, 28th June 2014, Oxford

What our audience said:

“I found this conference so informative and insightful. I am taking home some priceless gems of advice with fresh hope that ‘everything is going to be ok’”

“Sarah Hendrickx was utterly brilliant!”

“Sarah was AMAZING. What a truly inspiring, powerful and honest assessment of relationships”

“The speakers inform us ‘neurotypicals’ what it is like to live with autism in such an informative, natural way with so much insight and humour. Such an entertaining day”

“Fantastic - I learned a lot today, amazing to hear everyone’s real life experiences. I will definitely be taking some of the thoughts back to my working practice”

“The Autism Oxford speakers wowed us with their honesty, generosity and eloquence. The best way to learn about autism is from people who have autism”

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