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Sensory Issues & Autism Spectrum

Sat, 2nd November 2013, Swindon

What our audience said:

“Totally amazing!!  Had no idea of the impact to daily life of sensory issues.  Am in awe of how Richard gets through each day”

“Faye gave good practical strategies to calm child with sensory overload”

“The range of sensory difficulties Paul described were really well explained, and made a lot of sense to the young people we work with”

“So helpful – Ann’s info & tips.  Will take these things back to my work environment to try & improve it for the people/support”

“Tilus explained some really good coping mechanisms which would work well with the young people at our school – thank you”

“A wonderful first-hand account of living with ASD by Catherine. Good to have things explained so eloquently”

“All of the speakers were really inspirational.  It is so good to hear what sensory experiences are like from people actually living it.  Reading “theoretical” stuff is good & useful, but personal experiences are the icing on the cake!”

“Thank you to all of the speakers – excellent!!  A really helpful afternoon”

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