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Autism Strategy for Oxfordshire

In 2010, workshops were organised across Oxfordshire to get views from adults with AS/HFA and their families and carers.  A report was compiled on what they said about the services needed in Oxfordshire.  Click on the link to the right for to download that report.

In 2012, research was undertaken to assess the autism training needs of people working in Oxfordshire County Council and Health services.  Click on the link to the right to download the report on this research.

Following on from this work, an Autism Strategy for Oxfordshire has been developed.  This strategy outlines what Oxfordshire plans to do in developing Autism Spectrum services.

Autism Plan 2013-2017 for Oxfordshire

The Strategy In One Page

Autism is a lifelong developmental neurological disability.  People with autism experience difficulty with social communication, social interaction, social imagination, sensory issues and other difficulties.  This strategy was developed with the help of members of the Oxfordshire Autism Partnership Board, (members include people with autism, carers, commissioners, providers and partners), and informed by a public consultation which ran from December 2012 to February 2013.

Vision – What we are trying to achieve

The Oxfordshire vision is:

  * to support children and young people with autism so that they can lead healthy and safe lives and have the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve their full potential
  * to support adults with autism to be independent, to have choice and control so they can live ordinary lives as fully participating members of the wider community, including the opportunity to voice their opinions and experiences to ensure that services meet their individual needs
  * to support carers of people with autism
  * to provide the best possible services, based on currently available evidence, at the earliest possible time in life, within the resources available, giving excellent value for the public

Strategic objectives – What we want to do

The strategy proposes the following strategic objectives to 2017, these are not in any priorty order and all have equal importance:

  * Diagnosis and information: achieve timely diagnosis and offer access to information, advice and a personalised approach to options for support for all those diagnosed, setting out clear pathways.
  * Support for children and families: ensure all children and young people with autism and those who interact with them can benefit from expert advice and support whilst living in or near their family home.
  * Fulfilling lives: develop a range of local specialist support services to enable adults with autism to live fulfilling lives, with a particular focus on supporting participation in meaningful activities including employment.
  * Training and awareness: promote greater awareness of autism to encourage social acceptance and to enable staff who are likely to interact with people with autism to operate more effectively.
  * Sustainable approach: ensure Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group can demonstrate delivery of these objectives and are managing effectively with the money available.

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