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Caroline Hearst

Caroline makes use of her lifetime on the autism spectrum (most of it undiagnosed) to provide informative and illuminating interactive training about autism. She has worked to develop sessions that integrate information about autism with exercises which allow participants to gain insight into the inner experience of autism.

Caroline achieved postgraduate qualifications in art psychotherapy and librarianship, brought up two sons and worked as a librarian, consumer advisor and teacher of adults before beginning to suspect that some of her difficulties might be due to an autistic spectrum condition. This hunch was confirmed with a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome three years ago. 

Since her diagnosis she has worked to understand and raise awareness about autism. She has published articles in general and specialist publications, served on the board of ASK (Autism Spectrum Kiwis) and the New Zealand Government Advisory Group on Autism,  as well as devising and delivering training sessions to a variety of participants. Since returning to the UK from New Zealand she has enjoyed working with other autistic trainers and further developed her training.

What our audiences say about Caroline:

  • “Very detailed explanations – made me feel I may need to see a specialist for myself!”
  • “Really good practical advice”
  • “Good analysis of what works for some ASC people with specific sets of skills and why certain work might not be for some ASC people.”
  • ” Brilliant graphics illustrating the ASC brain in overload when trying to organise work – really helped me understand what it might be like!”

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