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Dr Wenn Lawson

Dr. Wenn Lawson MAPS, internationally renowned and respected professional, is a researcher, psychologist, writer and poet with high functioning Autism. He has presented internationally and published many journal articles and written several books including her autobiography and everyday text on Autism. His work explores the influence of neurological development in individuals with Autism with reference to impact upon learning styles.

At school Wenn was considered to be intellectually disabled and ‘almost incapable of doing as he is told’. In his teens, he was misdiagnosed as ‘schizophrenic’. This label stuck for more than 25 years, until he was diagnosed in 1994 as being on the autism spectrum.

In 2008 Wenn was awarded fourth place as ‘Victorian Australian of the year’. As a writer, poet and adult educator, Wenn is well known both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Becoming a psychologist and sharing his knowledge, understanding and experience of life encounters, including Autism and Asperger’s diff-abilities, is an ongoing journey that Wenn welcomes.

Wenn knows what it means to represent others and advocate on their behalf. The parent of four children, two of his sons are also on the autistic spectrum. Wenn is passionate about the rights of those who so often cannot speak for themselves and aims to promote justice and equality for all.

Wenn’s presentations explore AS, social demand and how to bridge some of the gaps so AS individuals can truly be involved with an inclusive society.

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