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Faye Brown

Mother of two children, Faye found out she was on the autism spectrum in 2010, following her son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome.  Finding out has helped Faye to make sense of her life and things that have happened.  But, as she says, ‘I am still just me!’

Faye left school without the qualifications she was capable of acquiring because she was branded as ‘naughty’, ‘difficult’ and ‘challenging’.  She has had several jobs, none worked out well. 

Faye is a very proud mum and her two children are the centre of her life.  She says ‘I could talk for ever about them, they are my everything’.

In order to help her son, Faye fought her way through the SEN system to get him to the right school.  He is now very well supported and enjoying school life.  Faye is very highly motivated to tell people about the reality of life on the autism spectrum.  She wants everyone to know the potential of autistic children and is very passionate about spreading information to increase understanding so that all autistic children can have a brighter future.

Faye’s style of speaking is very powerful – her warm, kind and caring personality shines through as she shares her knowledge with professionalism, clarity and humour.

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