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Richard Maguire

Richard is in his mid forties, and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in January 2010. Also dyslexic, he grew up knowing he was different but not knowing why. He was criticised for being different and was considered lazy, rude, unsociable, an embarrassment and worse. He was mostly socially excluded by his peers. He had one or two friends who were a real lifeline and one has remained a lifelong friend.

Although very intelligent, Richard left school without much to show for it.  He went into dead end jobs, the only sort he could get. He found getting on with colleagues hard and did not understand the politics of work. He was bullied and attempted suicide.  Eventually, he made a career for himself working with learning disabled people and people with autism. He says “I found these people great to work with and somehow very like me. They too had suffered like I had and I understood them. I have done this work for 26 years now and am very good at it”.
Married, with a son, Richard really enjoys socialising with people who live in the autistic culture, where he can ‘remove his shell and be natural’.  He is a trained and experienced speaker with a passion for raising awareness and helping others on the Autism spectrum.

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