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Sarah Hendrickx

‘Sarah speaks Asperger as a second language.’ Tony Attwood

Sarah has both extensive knowledge and personal understanding of ASC and other disabilities, living with her partner Keith who has Asperger Syndrome and herself having Dyslexia. Together they wrote ‘Asperger Syndrome - A Love Story’ and Sarah is also co-author of a number of other books including ‘Love, Sex and Relationships - What People with Asperger Syndrome Really, Really Want’.

Sarah is the Training Manager for the Aspire Project (an adult AS mentoring and training project based in Brighton and Hove), a freelance trainer and consultant in AS, Autism and Dyslexia, and a qualified Further Education teacher supporting students with Dyslexia and other disabilities. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in AS and an MA in Autism and is a speaker at both UK and overseas conferences. She has delivered training and consultancy to government departments, psychiatrists, National Autistic Society, police, schools, colleges, universities, care providers, careers services and management consultants.

Sarah also carries out adult assessments on those who believe they may have Asperger Syndrome, workplace assessments and consultancy to employers and coaching to adults and families of those with AS and Autism to increase their understanding of the condition and help them feel positive about it. As a trainee stand-up comedian, her training and speeches are always entertaining and highly enjoyable.

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