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Tilus Clark

Tilus is a passionate young speaker, originally from Wales. Being passionate, energetic and intelligent he found conforming to school routine hard, he got labelled as difficult and his potential was not recognised. There was nowhere for him to get to grips with his desire to learn and pursue his passions in design, engineering and electronics. Bullying has been a constant in his life until recent years.

Tilus went to university “determined to succeed”. However life was made impossible by bullies thus ending his studies. Like most autistic people Tilus is sincere, honest and hard working. He was very upset to leave university, losing his opportunity to get a degree and prove his ability.

Throughout education Tilus had friends who were important in helping him through life, their support giving him enough strength to keep going. His friends are important today.

Tilus is seeking an understanding of the world and his place in it. He has a passion for life and to find his role so he can live to his fullest potential.  He wants get the degree that he is totally capable of in an environment where he is understood and valued.

Tilus is working with Autism Oxford to connect with his inner talents and passion for life. He is working on new presentations and ways of communicating the life of autism. Watch this space; there will be a lot more from Tilus.

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